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UNRELIABLE NARRATOR is a podcast which sits alongside the exhibition A FIRE IN MY BELLY at the Julia Stoschek Collection, Berlin. Hosted by Lisa Long and Eugene Yiu Nam Cheung, it features interviews, conversations and poetry readings with the various artists, writers, and interlocutors of A FIRE IN MY BELLY. The podcast extends upon the exhibition’s premise of how artists address the foundations and effects of systemic violence on bodies, and how these experiences are transformed into artistic gestures.

EPISODE 1: Sophia Al-Maria
14.06.2021 · 33:38

This episode of UNRELIABLE NARRATOR features Lisa Long — curator of the Julia Stoschek Collection — in conversation with the artist Sophia Al-Maria, whose video work Beast Type Song (2019) is included in A FIRE IN MY BELLY. Here, Long and Al-Maria speak about the postcolonial resonances of Sycorax in Shakespeare’s The Tempest, the potentials of overcoming speechlessness, and how the past can instruct a future that we cannot yet see.